Autonomous Trucking Company to use AI and miles of data for training their self-driving semis

It is said that the safest drivers are those with higher experience. The research says it will take several years of practice and hard work for automobile drivers to get careful and competent road users. In the same way, if a truck driver has a good amount of experience, the chances of a severe crash will be lower.

What holds correct for drivers goes true for the autonomous driving systems as well. The right and safest self-driving truck platforms have accumulated the most experience. As driving experience has become highly crucial, technologists ensure that computerised driving systems operate securely on roads and highways.

Solving this puzzle is a key to unlocking the complete autonomous future.

How can computers help in learning to drive the semi-truck?

Due to the modern advancement in sensor technology and artificial intelligence, an automated truck can analyse several objects placed on the road and decide how to react.

It can be primarily accomplished by proper training of “deep learning” algorithms and the self-driving method to different types of obstacles, from the cut-in truck to the construction site. The system may begin to know how to react if any obstruction comes on a highway.

But, human drivers know when to slow down when an unexpected obstacle appears. For example, when a bear comes in between the road, the driver will make instant decisions based on the similar situations that they have encountered from various other incidents. Thus, it is essential to note that, unlike people, the machines lack such common sense and may not handle such novel situations.

Nevertheless, deep neural networks will learn from the data they are trained on, such as public roads, computer simulations or closed courses.

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