Business Major: Consider these major points!

Are you a business-oriented person?  

If you think the hustle and bustle of the business world suit you, or if you see yourself as a budding entrepreneur, you should consider a business degree.

Business degrees are valuable across all industries, and earning one through diligence and dedication can significantly increase your career options as we advance. However, not all majors are identical, and there are many points to think about in the decision-making process, such as:


Before choosing a career path, make sure it won’t be rendered obsolete by automation or robots in the coming decade. Education is supposed to be the number 1 investment for a secure future, so make it count. 


It would help if you chose an area of study that motivates you and holds your attention for long-term security. Yes, it should provide financial stability, and yes, there should be a long term demand for the work you choose. Still, if you pick a career path that doesn’t truly excite you simply because it’s lucrative, then it’s inevitable that you will soon find yourself feeling bored, burned out and unfulfilled. 


This is self-explanatory; everybody likes money! But seriously, think about how much it’s going to cost to finance the kind of life you want, and plan accordingly.


Again, this is self-explanatory, but still, make sure the degree programme matches your professional aspirations. 

Work-Life Balance

This is super important! Someone who plans to stay single for the next 10-15 years with no plans to travel much or have an active social life can perhaps afford to take on a time gobbling career, like upper management. However, if you plan to have a life partner, a family, hobbies, or a house pet, then pick a career path that lets you be emotionally available and physically present to nurture those you love and enjoy life.

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