Creativity is a vital Leadership Skill that fuels Digital Transformation

When it comes to creativity, more than 60% of the CEOs feel creativity to be an essential leadership skill that will develop in the upcoming years, as per the IBM research. This truly makes sense, and to stay ahead, stay nimble, and inspire others, it is crucial to imagine yourself as a true artist and be highly creative in any field.

Creativity and productivity may appear different: Creativity is all about thinking in new ways, and productivity makes things happen.

In the wake of the pandemic, creativity has become more important than ever imagined.

However, in today’s successful digital transformation, both go hand in hand. The perfect blend of creative thinking takes the modern technology innovations into account and productive action, bringing new ideas to the table. 

Here are some top ways that will help you to strike a perfect balance:

Stay Committed to Lifelong Creativity and Learning

Every one of us knows the importance of lifelong learning for our mental health and creativity, but whether it matters in the digital transformation or not. 

The leaders of digital transformation have to try out new things or deliver changes faster, which means they require a supply of new ideas and clever thinking. We cannot keep on doing old things and expect new results. But, it is crucial to have a different and unique approach, iterating and creating fast to discard new ideas that do not work and move on.

Adapt to Thinking Power

Our world is changing fast, and we have to adapt to it in the best possible way. A view that “this is the way the things have been done” is becoming more and more obsolete. We know about the new term called “the new normal,” whether we take it or not, it is forcing all of us to adopt the divergent style of creativity and thinking.

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