Cybersecurity Degree: Study online to fight crime online!

With the perpetual lockdowns hindering everyday life at every turn, online learning has become the most feasible option for taking up university courses. Another result of last year’s surprise lockdowns is businesses were suddenly and without warning forced to shift a more significant portion of their operations online. Few were prepared, and cybersecurity fell by the wayside in many instances with all the hassles, stress, and costs involved. Cyber crooks worldwide wasted no time taking advantage of the situation, as can be seen in the recent hacks and breaches that occurred in the US.

Like many tech verticals, the cybersecurity industry is starving for talent and willing to pay fantastic salaries. Since the world is witnessing increased connectivity and more web-dependent automation every year, cybersecurity isn’t going away; it will only expand and evolve to meet the growing demand for protection.

If you’re reasonably good at mathematics, naturally inclined towards techie stuff and good with devices, a cybersecurity certification or degree is worth exploring. If you’re unsure about this area of study, you can always start with an accessible yet reputable online course with no money lost, and it gives you a chance to determine your strengths, weaknesses and particular areas of interest before investing in a formal paid course.

Here’s a list of online cybersecurity courses to get you started:

Free- No accreditation

  • Cybrary
  • US Dept of Homeland Security CISA
  • Open Security Training
  • Sans Cyber Aces Online- Simplified for beginners



  • NSDC accredited
  • IIIT affiliated 
  • Skill India initiative 
  • Programme fee Rs 99,000 
  • No cost EMI available


  • Created by US Air Force veterans/cybersecurity pros 
  • Expensive but a payment plan is available 
  • Experienced candidates can skip beginner’s training after demonstrating their existing skills 
  • Certification access

Open University: 

  • Accredited 
  • Courses tailored according to abilities 
  • Part-time studies optional

Jigsaw Academy and Hacker U Master Certificate in Cybersecurity: 

  • Located in Bangalore 
  • Industry-relevant curriculum 
  • Programme cost Rs 2,80,000+taxes

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