AI: Present And Potential

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving and is anticipated to surpass humans in many cognitive processes in the near future. The implications are both beneficial and potentially malevolent, making it imperative to keep Artificial Intelligence technologies out of the wrong hands. The purpose of AI […]

A Sci-Fi Career with AI

When you were a kid playing with toys, were you fascinated by robots, or did you ever dream of building one?   Nevertheless, you can, with a career in Artificial Intelligence. Of the many technological advancements we’ve seen in the past couple of decades, Artificial Intelligence […]

The Future of AI is Everywhere

A lot of brilliant minds like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others have said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be dangerous because if machines outsmart humans, the results could be disastrous. However, it is possible to prevent such an outcome, assuming we’re discerning where to […]

Fly High with Higher Education in AI

Do smart homes and robots intrigue you?    If you’re good with computers, you might find yourself exploring a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is the term used to describe a machine’s ability to mimic human intelligence, perception and problem-solving skills. When combined, these […]

Scope of Undergraduate Education in AI in India

Artificial intelligence is a growing sector that has enormous opportunities for jobs in the future. The developing digital culture has forced most companies to adopt this technology, including artificial intelligence, that will create a smart environment. It’s not just in the company, but this environment […]

Top 10 Fresher Jobs in AI

Artificial intelligence is a growing sector that has gained a huge reputation during this pandemic situation. With the quarantine being placed, most logistic companies and other organisations utilise artificial intelligence and robotics to replace the reduced manual labourers. The future of the planet lies within […]

How will AI improve Human Productivity?

AI, otherwise known as Artificial Intelligence, has significantly impacted multiple industries, including Robotics. It has been the main driver for certain emerging technologies like robotics, IoT and big data. It will continue to act as an innovator for other technologies in the future. There is […]