HR: Business Careers That Transcend Verticals

With more businesses relying on in-house Human Resources (HR) departments or outsourcing their personnel recruitment tasks to HR firms, employment opportunities in the Human Resources sector are growing. One of the remarkable aspects of HR careers is their existence across verticals, which gives a heightened […]

Scope of Higher Education in Finance

If you’re analytical, enjoy crunching numbers and have a flair for business then, a bachelor’s degree in finance could set you on the path to prosperity. Also, sound financial management is needed across verticals to help businesses thrive. A Bachelor of Finance programme lasts for […]

The Future of Entrepreneurship is- Online

The internet has been the ultimate game-changer in the business realm. Traditional industries have gone high-tech, enabling businesses to directly connect with consumers while simultaneously growing bouquets of online offerings. As a result, there are predictions that in the future, over half of today’s school-aged […]

Scope of Entrepreneurship Programmes in India

With the global development and digital technology, most Indians are looking forward towards starting their own business after completing their education in business and entrepreneurship. Rather than going for a business opportunity without any management knowledge, nowadays, youngsters prefer learning the in-depth business management concept […]