How schools stand
to benefit from iSkills Jr

Our nation as a whole is transforming into a global technology and manufacturing hub. This has been underlined by the “Make in India” initiative and the drive towards the concept of industry 4.0. There is going be a tectonic shift in how we will manufacture, design and refurbish products.
The manufacturing area is going to be completely digitized and our lives will revolve around leveraging the power of big data, distributed computing, artificial intelligence and analytics. We are moving away from the service oriented culture and aligning ourselves to become leaders and creators in the technology spectrum.

We need to equip our students with the right pedagogy to enable our students compete on a level playing field in a global arena. We at iSkills Jr support schools pan India to help them chalk out a bright future of our young scholars. This is done by giving direction and vision in meeting their learning objectives and study endeavors.
Schools stand to benefit as they help make their students’ future ready.
iSkills Jr supports students across the education spectrum and provides
you a common ground for them to engage in inter-school competitions, Hackathons, Ideathons and skilling initiatives.

The schools get certified based on the level of engagement and number of students that enroll with the program. These schools then become part of an elite league of institutions having the iSkills Jr recognition.
The skilling initiatives is executed though a Learn, Explore, Adapt and Play model. Here students get exposure to future ready nano courses and explore new age domains and disciplines in the form of articles, videos and
info graphics.
They are also exposed to media content from industry experts, existing faculty members in the disciplines, existing students who have engaged in building their careers in the same domain and more– helping students chart a roadmap towards their career aspirations and goals.
Students can now work towards developing adaptive life skills by knowing their area of interest. They can also gauge their skillsets by being part of various competitions and championship leagues.
iSkills Jr programs are aligned with initiatives of the National Skill Development Corporation and is also in line with National Education Policy 2020. Connect with us in our journey of life transformation!

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