Smart Tech Degrees for Smart Learners

You’re probably already aware that a bachelor’s degree, which can take 3-5 years to earn, can open many doors for you, setting you on the path to success and security. But do you know which industry and degree programme is right for you?

Careers in the technology sector tend to pay well and offer long term security as the world becomes more high tech and connected. Considering the overwhelming talent shortages that are currently impacting multiple tech verticals, it’s not too difficult to get hired for such jobs if your credentials and skills are both on point. This is especially true for the smart technology/automation industry. The highest salaries seem to be reserved for those with the most experience. It translates to a prosperous future for those who can go the distance.

A bachelor’s degree in one of the smart tech fields, such as automation, robotics or mobile development, can take you places for years to come. Automation studies can include cybersecurity, communication, sensors, robotics, electro-optics and more.

The demand for professionals in these areas is only increasing as the industry grows and evolves. These days, there are many online bachelor’s degree programmes, many of them being significantly more affordable than on-campus studies.

Here are some online bachelors’ programmes in smart tech to research and consider:

Smart Tech Degrees for Smart Learners

  • Bachelor in Artificial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering- (instrumentation, control, automation)
  • Bachelor in Automation of Technical Processes/Productions
  • Bachelor in Applied Informatics in Automation
  • Bachelor in Automation and Robotics
  • Bachelor in Design Engineering-Machinery Production
  • Bachelor in Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor in Robotics
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Manufacture
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

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