As technology evolves, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) and the accompanying strategies must also inevitably change. 

The future of SMAC is RAPID (Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Payments, Internet of Things, Drones), and the future is now

RAPID is more than technological advancements, and these technologies are directly connected to both business operations and the customers’ daily lives.

Reality in the RAPID context means Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or Mixed Reality (MR). It is set to alter the way people experience situations in their immediate environment. 

AR and MR are forms of computer-generated content that overlay the user’s sensory experience, making both seem to be part of the same reality while allowing them to discern between the two.

Users can’t discern what’s imaginary from real life with virtual reality, as it’s a synthetic reality. VR has its place in the personal entertainment sector, while AR is geared towards commercial applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the realm of computer science, enabling a computer system to carry out intelligent tasks more efficiently than humans. AI involves machine learning, understanding language, problem-solving, reasoning, and perception; when mastered by the machine, it facilitates logic, pattern analysis, speech recognition, language translation, and decision-making.

Payments such as electronic payment processing include payment gateways, QR codes, e-wallets like Phone Pe, and, more recently, technology such as blockchain.

The Internet of Things is about automation; machines communicate with people and other machines with the help of sensors and RFID. The tech encompasses smart appliances, driverless vehicles, smart retail labelling, utility management, telemedicine, food production and livestock monitoring.

Drones bring to mind sci-fi movies, military tech and cool toys, but they’re finding a home in commerce, with Amazon and Domino’s rolling out delivery drones. They’re also valuable for wildlife management and disaster management since they can go where people can’t.

To sum up, companies providing tech, engineering and R&D services can deploy RAPID Stack.

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