The Future of SMART Tech in Indian Homes

Are you curious about smart building technology?  

Research and Markets have added a new report about India’s increasing demand for smart tech: Smart Technology is Shaping The Future of Home Appliances in India, 2020

This report about smart home appliances in the Indian market provides the most current data available and is categorised by-products:

The Future of SMART Tech in Indian Homes

  • Smart air conditioner
  • Smart television
  • Smart air purifier
  • Smart water purifier
  • Smart washing machine
  • Smart refrigerator
  • Smart water heater

The research covers all aspects of the market, industry players, and its anticipated future expansion. The market data spans Fiscal Years 2020-2025, giving the future outlook for India’s smart home appliance market. It contains data analysis from all four regions of India.

Anyone looking for information regarding the smart home appliance sector in a readily accessible style with graphs and tables may find this study useful.

What makes an appliance ‘smart’ is its ability to connect to the internet or Bluetooth, enabling the owner to remotely control or monitor the appliance remotely with a mobile device. TIn India, there are already over 500 million smartphone users, making mobile connectivity and mobile apps a driving force behind the rise in smart appliance demand. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and ties directly into smartphone appliances.

At the moment, smart home appliances cost a bomb, with most buyers being affluent and well-travelled high net worth individuals and millennials, all seeking greater convenience and ease of living.

Digitalisation initiatives boost the demand for products equipped for connectivity. For example, the government’s Digital India campaign is intended to bring digital empowerment to the masses by increasing and improving internet connectivity.

Smart products require a consistent, high-speed internet connection, as spotty and slow connectivity causes loss of control over devices and appliances and can even cause safety issues. Moreover, as internet connectivity and reliability improves, more people will be keen to adopt automation in the home and workplace.

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